[vlc-devel] javascript librairies

Frans van Veen f.m.j.c.vanveen at student.hhs.nl
Wed Jan 30 19:56:00 CET 2008

Hello Julien,

Jasper and I have also build a toolbar for VLC (linux mozilla firefox 
plugin) but didn't used javascript. This was a project for school and 
maybe you can adopt it. Let us know if you like to know more.


Frans van Veen and Jasper Alias

Julien Bouquillon wrote:
> Hi all
> Playing with the VLC plugins these months, i've created two cross 
> browser javascript libs to make plugin use even easyer
> VLCobject : detects and embeds the VLC plugin : 
> http://code.revolunet.com/VLCobject/EN
> VLCcontrols : add basic controls to a VLCobject : 
> play/stop/volume/seekbar/debug... : 
> http://code.revolunet.com/VLCcontrols/EN
> VLCcontrols also provides a simple API to play files and manage VLC 
> options
> You can view a live example here : http://vlc.revolunet.com
> I've developped with 0.8.6c VLC version but im going to work for 0.9 
> compatibility; I should meet Quovodis tomorrow to explain me some 
> things about plugins. It works with ActiveX and Mozilla versions
> Any suggestions welcome to improve this. My goal is to make VLC more 
> popular on browsers plugins.
> Please let me know anything that could help me
> I plan to add other features asap (playlist, subtitles...)
> thanks !
> Julien (revolunet)

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