[vlc-devel] MP4 track switching

Napieralski, Phillip E. (MU-Student) penr69 at mizzou.edu
Mon Jul 7 18:23:32 CEST 2008

I'm trying to figure out how to switch tracks in real-time in the same window. I've kind of got it to work by modifying the mp4 demuxer function: I added a simple if statement that disabled the currently playing track and enabled another track at a certain time; then I sent the newly enabled track to the same elementary stream that the first track used. 

While this approach works, it does not take into account things such as resolution change. For example, if the initial track has a resolution of qcif and the second track has a resolution of 4cif -> the decoder gets completely confused and displays garbage on the screen.

Would anyone know what I would have to change in order for the decoder to understand the resolution change?


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