[vlc-devel] VLC player 0.8.6h segmentation

hce webmail.hce at gmail.com
Tue Jul 8 03:51:38 CEST 2008


What could be the problem for  following segmentation fault?

$ ./vlc -vvv rtsp://
VLC media player 0.8.6h Janus
Remote control interface initialized. Type `help' for help.
status change: ( new input: rtsp:// )
status change: ( audio volume: 256 )
status change: ( play state: 1 )
Received PLAY response: RTSP/1.0 200 OK
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 01:49:08 GMT
CSeq: 9
Session: 7998004802651918579;timeout=300
Server: WMServer/
Supported: com.microsoft.wm.srvppair, com.microsoft.wm.sswitch,
com.microsoft.wm.eosmsg, com.microsoft.wm.fastcache,
com.microsoft.wm.packetpairssrc, com.microsoft.wm.startupprofile
Range: npt=0.000-5370206156620824.576
Scale: 1.000
X-Accelerate-Streaming: AccelBandwidth=0;AccelDuration=0
Speed: 1.000
RTP-Info: url=rtsp://;seq=50565;rtptime=0

Segmentation fault



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