[vlc-devel] Translations for VLC 0.9.0

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at videolan.org
Wed Jul 23 22:49:03 CEST 2008


The release of VLC 0.9.0 is approching and the strings are frozened.
The plan is to release in the middle of August. I realise I've been late
to send this e-mail for people who don't follow the development. Sorry.

You can find the translation files for 0.9.0 at
http://git.videolan.org/gitweb.cgi?p=vlc.git;a=tree;f=po  and click on
raw for your language.

If you have questions, you can ask on vlc-devel at videolan.org or on irc
at #videolan on irc.freenode.org

You can put your translation online and send the link to vlc-devel@ or
send the file to me personnaly.



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