[vlc-devel] what's problem with libstdc++

wangmeimeikimo wangmeimeikimo at yahoo.com.tw
Fri Jul 25 14:50:12 CEST 2008

I downloaded the cross-compiler that vlc support( wince-arm-gcc4.0.0-cvs-linux-crosscompiler-20050517.tar.bz2) 
when I --enable-livedotcom, it always display many errors
finally, I found when I include <iostream> in .cpp file, then the?errors always exist
I solve this problem is comment out this line(#include <iostream>)
I?get vlc.exe?successfully, but the?RTSP function does not work?
my question is?"is the cross-compiler is perfectible for Wince"
I compile vlc 0.8.4 is OK, but RTSP function isn't( even the openRTSP function in the testProg does not work, and it display sorry on Wince)

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