[vlc-devel] comments and issues for some menu accelerators

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Wed Jul 30 09:33:05 CEST 2008

Tested on Windows, version vlc-0.9.0-test3-20080730-0004-win32.7z
- on the main menu the "P" shortcut overlaps on Playlist and Playback
(not sure about the approach here on this matter)
- it is somewhat difficult to display some of the underlined
accelerators in menus themselves, because (1) when pressing Alt and
next letter with Alt still pressed no next accelerator is shown, and
(2) if I first press Alt then depress it and next press the
corresponding accelerator, there is a slight interraction with the
program's direct shortcut "P" (for Previous); strangely, the same
interraction seems not to appear for M for mute, or T for [I don't know
what], or A for aspect ratio, or V for subtitle display; in order to
test this, a DVD (or other media) must be on play
- the Playlist menu items have no underlined accelerators
- on Tools menu, Add interface has no underlined accelerator
- on Video menu, in static mode (i.e. menu grayed out), the "O" shortcut
overlaps on Always On Top and Snapshot (not sure about the approach
here on this matter); however, there is a strange thing here: when
inserting a DVD there are some old or additional menu items that are
displayed; some have not *or no longer* underlined accelerators:
Fullscreen, Always on top (now with small caps on o and t), Wallpaper,
- after inserting a DVD, the Playlist menu expands with more items,
where the new ones have no underlined accelerators: Previous title,
Next title, Previous chapter, Next chapter

And a question: in standby there is a "Toggle Fullscreen" menu position,
which when playing a video media becomes "Fullscreen". The Follscreen
only seems to me normal, as once in fullscreen this same menu is gone.
When/to whom is the "toggle" useful ? At least if it had a further Ctrl
+[something] added, so the user know about the _toggle_ feature and how
to turn back from full screen mode.


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