[vlc-devel] 2 weeks to 0.9.0 features freeze

Matthias Bauer smile4you at gmx.ch
Mon Jun 2 21:06:49 CEST 2008

Hello core VLC developpers

If I repost my patch with the "RemoteOSD" plugin again (VNC-Client as 
Video-Filter as client to VDR ffnetdev streaming server), do I have any 
chance that it will be one of the features of VLC 0.9.0?

The patch was reviewed by Funman and Jean-Paul-Saman and I implemented 
most of their change requests, but didn't get any answer to my later 
posts. That disencouraged me to work on. I you say yes, I would be 
pleased to continue working on this plugin.

Regards, Matthias


Rémi Denis-Courmont schrieb:
> 	Hello,
> The core VLC developpers have agreed on the 15th of June (of this year...) as 
> the features freeze date for VLC version 0.9.0, i.e. the current master head 
> on git. If you have non-bugfix patches pending, please let us know as soon as 
> possible. Beyond this date, no new features shall be merged to master until 
> the 0.9.0 branch is created (at an undefined date as yet), unless you manage 
> to compromise J-B and I (tough luck!) :P
> I know I still need to merge the RTP/G.711 patch from Maurizio Simoni, and the 
> RealVideo patch. I am also still waiting for a patch to rework the RTMP 
> output so that it supports passive mode in a sensible manner. Finally, I need 
> to add gettext domain support for externally-built plugins.
> Happy summer time,

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