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Hi thresh!

Most the changes were dirty code hacks to get my GUI to work with VLC. 
Strangely enough I had to disable the actual reading of stdin since it 
couldnt be read when run through within the iPhone/iPod Touch's 
"Springboard" launcher/frontend.The RC interface for stdin worked fine when 
running the VLC program from SSH. Since there was no decent SDL port for 
the iPhone I had to add audio and input capability to SDL. I then had to 
compile libraries such as libiconv, libmpeg2dec, etc. I have a "clean" SDL 
port made, but the VLC one integrated the GUI I made straight into it, due 
to some limitations I faced.

One of the issues I ran into was the handling of the command line 
arguments. I probably was implementing argv wrong, but when I passed it my 
constructed argv, VLC didnt interpret it correctly and would fail to read 
argv[0]. I currently have the command line parsing disabled within my app, 
as my GUI lands up calling the built in VLC's main() with its own 
parameters in a weird fashion. I will fix that up so parameters can be 
passed through command line straight to VLC, I just needed a bit more time. 
Like I said though, most likely not VLC's code, but mine.

Most of VLC compiled and ran without a hitch. I did the entire port in less 
than 2 days. Though the code I did may reflect that, it can easily be 
cleaned up, and will be.

I will be providing the source via my github.com  repository under the 
username "zodttd" as required. Is there anything I can do to help get this 
version done a bit more properly? I'd love some help straight from the 
source and will maintain it well.

This all came to a large surprise, I didn't quite expect such a response 
from fans to be as overwhelming as it is. I plan on getting FLAC, XviD, and 
other decoding done today. Since I'm fairly new to video encoding and 
decoding, this has been a big adventure for me. I'm really enjoying this 

Is there an IRC channel where I can reach you at? Or perhaps an IM client 

Thanks so much, I've been worried today that the VLC team would be upset 
over the news!
zodttd at zodttd.com

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> Hello!
> I'm from videolan team.  Were there any changes you made for VLC tree to 
> be buildable for iPhone? I suppose you also wrote a GUI for it.
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