[vlc-devel] [Videolan-devel] [PATCH] Add Dynamic CSA update functionality

Rémi Denis-Courmont rdenis at simphalempin.com
Sun Jun 15 18:20:21 CEST 2008

Le jeudi 12 juin 2008 10:28:27 Kaloyan Kovachev, vous avez écrit :
> Changed the lock names and added the locks around (de)scrambling (attached
> as separate patch and as updated full one), but one of the prevoiusly sent
> patches (0006a) does only this and I have skipped it, because corruption
> may happen only when the active (in use) key is changed and in such case
> there will be corupted frames in either case, as it can never happen at the
> same frame on the server and the client, so this should save some CPU. If
> the key in use is changed it won't cause corruption (on scrambling).

I am a bit confused with all the patches. I have merged the mux and demux code 
with pretty minor changes, but you should double-check. Unfortunately, I am 
not in a position to review/merge for the Mozilla stuff.

Thanks for your patience,

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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