[vlc-devel] Use correct reference counting for picture_t

Rafaël Carré rcarre at m2x.nl
Mon Jun 16 16:58:44 CEST 2008


attached patch cleans up creation and referencing of picture_t (in
bugfix branch)

It modifies video output, video filters, some codecs, mosaic_bridge,
transcode, image functions, osd, subpictures.

The aim is to get rid of memory leaks in mosaic setups.

My test setup still crashes, some time because of a segfault, some times
because it goes out of memory.

I send it anyway so other people can have a try, it should be much
easier to solve the remaining bugs.

Note: libmpeg2 decoder is leaking pictures atm, because it keeps a
reference to some data allocated by the picture itself, and I have no
idea how to know for sure when/if this data is not referenced by
libmpeg2 anymore, so I use ffmpeg decoder for my testing (--codec

When it's confirmed to be bug free on bugfix I will port it to master.

Rafaël Carré <rcarre at m2x.nl>
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