[vlc-devel] Some VLC problems and wish list for dioneoa

jboileau jboileau at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 22:31:39 CEST 2008


As requested by dioneona here is a quick list of a few problems I have
come accross testing VLC`s extended panel and filters:

- If a file is playing and you check 'Add logo' the video output
disappears. The message: error: logo file not specified is outputed
but since you can't enter a logo before checking 'Add logo' this is
not convenient.

- Even after inputing a correct file name for a logo, I can't get the
logo filter to work. Anytime I click on 'Add logo' the video output is
killed. I was entering a full pathname c:\vlc128x128-christmas.png. I
also tried with forward slash with the same result.

- Using the libvlc API to add a logo using the API in my application
works with one problem: the transparent color is not transparent.

- If the extended panel is open but hidden under another application
it is not brought to the forefront when VLC gains focus. It may thus
be hidden completly from view.

- Adding another filter along with magnify result in extreme slowdown
until complete freeze. (I have tried marquee and adjust I don`t which
other will give the same results)

Wish list (we can dream no?):

- I wish the marquee text did not default to 'VLC' but to an empty
string or a space at the most. I create and set up my marquee's
position first and then send text to it many times. But 'VLC' shows up
before I have time to send my first text line. I know I can set the
text to a space qhen I create my marquee, but I don't see the point in
outputing 'VLC' by default. Unless I am missing something I can't see
anyone using a marquee that says 'VLC'.

- The filter chain API had persistence so that filters are reapplied
when vout is recreated.

- An API similar to the filter chain API for the Video Output Filters:
The filter API is so much better than editing filter chain strings!

- That VLC development was easier! :-) I do my best at understanding
VLCs internals but still feel light years away. Okay, this is not a
wish that you can help that much with, although I do appreciate
everyone's help and patience on this list and IRC.

- I wish I knew what dionoea meant! :-) It would probably make it
easier to remember how to spell it.

I hope this list helps.

Jacques Boileau

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