[vlc-devel] [PATCH] RemoteOSD video-filter plugin

techfreak smile4you at gmx.ch
Thu Mar 6 00:27:21 CET 2008

Hello all

Here is first try of my patch for VLC, a new plugin as client for the
VDR-ffnetdev-plugin streaming server. The plugin is a VNC overlay for VLC.

I hope you like it and add it.

Please review and comment it.

Regards, techfreak

 * RemoteOSD uses the RFB-Protocol of VNC to display an On-Screen-Display
 * menu generated by a streaming server as overlay for the streamed video.
 * The streaming server that implements this is the ffnetdev plugin for VDR.
 * VDR (VideoDiskRecorder) is an Linux based OpenSource harddisk recorder
 * software.
 * The VDR ffnetdev plugin emulates the hardware MPEG decoder and 
streams the
 * video over the network instead of hardware video outputs.
 * The OSD menu of VDR is offered with the RFB protocol to a VNC client.
 * In fact this video-filter is a simple VNC client that could be also 
used to
 * connect to a real VNC host.
 * Only 8-bit color is supported at the moment.
 * Using password protected VNC hosts is supported but not recommended, 
 * you need to insert the used password in the plugin configuration page of
 * VLC configuration in plain text and it's saved in plain text.

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