[vlc-devel] Issues in playing MPEG2 files

dipanm dipanm at vubites.com
Wed Mar 5 12:42:19 CET 2008

Dear all, 


We have been using VLC to play MPEG2 Video ES files. 


We encountered a very strange problem that we didn't expected from VLC. I
believe we might be making some mistakes but couldn't really figure out.


We have a sequence which is an MPEG 2 Elementary stream, it is 704x576
25FPS, with 3 Mbps stream. We are playing on a 2 GHz Intel Dual core machine
with 1 GB RAM. The stream is decodable by the MSSG's standard compliant
decoder. However, when we were playing it with VLC it gave a lot of jerky
video. I am attaching the logs. However, the logs didn't quite show picture
drops, but then we placed the comments in the code that helped us to know
that pictures were being dropped before decoding. This other log is
vlc_new.log.  I am unable to send you the actual sequence since it is
several MBs. But I can provide you if required.


Please can someone give us more clue to find out where the problem is? 


Thanks in advance,


Dipan Mehta,



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