[vlc-devel] (java) bindings license

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 23:00:47 CET 2008

Hi Filippo,

Thanks for the email but since I use open source (they
are all libraries no GUI) from other projects I have
been trying to make sure I stay within the spirit of
the GPLv2 wherever possible. Since I am providing
MyUniPortal service for free with no advertisements
for now and accepting donations I am comfortable for
now with the GPLv2 approach. If that changes then
great I will adjust if I can.

Sorry this may not be the answer you hoped for but I
am locked into this by other considerations.

Again many thanks to the JVLC and VLC teams for
continual improvment of the libraries.

Tony Anecito

--- Filippo Carone <filippo at carone.org> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I know there are already some threads in our mailing
> list archive about 
> the topic, and that some of us already have a strong
> opinion on this, 
> but I'd like (and I try) to have more feedback on
> the topic.
> VLC is released under the GPLv2 for the time being,
> and this is Good 
> Thing. About two years ago within the VLC project, a
> new library, called 
> libvlc-control, was started to make it possible to
> use VLC potential 
> from external code. After the inception of
> libvlc-control, bindings to 
> make this library available for other languages have
> been developed. By 
> the way, before libvlc-control, VLC was already (and
> still is) available 
> for use within browsers in form of Activex control
> and Mozilla plugin.
> Going straight to the topic, the core question is,
> is it 
> reasonable/possible for you to license bindings
> (java bindings, for what 
> I am concerned) under a LGPL library? I'm asking you
> so, because I see 
> the bindings much more as a library than an
> application. Speaking about 
> the java bindings, vlc sources are not needed when
> you compile them, but 
> only at runtime. If you have the java bindings jar
> and run it without 
> having vlc installed on the computer, an exception
> will be thrown and 
> I'm committing a change which asks the user to
> install vlc on the system 
> to proceed.
> Before closing the mail I point you to a LGPL
> library already 
> encapsulating vlc as a player through the Activex:
> Is this a violation?
> Cheers,
> Filippo
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