[vlc-devel] Application using libvlc crashes

jboileau jboileau at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 23:33:21 CET 2008

Hi Rafael,

Thanks for responding I agree that my stack trace is not very
valuable, but since I only use libvlc and do not compile libvlc its
the best I could do. Someone tried to build it here using cygwin but
was never successful. Since we are users of libvlc we never persevered
in building it. I use the libvlc from the nightly build. I debug using
the Visual Studio environment.

Apart from building them myself is there a way to get libvlc and
libvlc-control with debug information so that the satck trace can be
easier to read? One thing I have done in the past is use a tool that
gives me the address of all the entry points in these DLLs and compare
the address in the stack trace. That way I am usally able to give
function names for the stack entries, but I am unsure of its validity.
For example the last libvlc call in the trace I provided would be in
__vlc_object_find which is at address 0x6a388ee0 since the trace is at
address libvlc.dll!6a38978e(). The next function in libvlc is
__var_Create at 0x6a389ee0	. I can always provide that information
with my traces if it helps?


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