[vlc-devel] Devolop Multimedia Catalog

Camillo Anania anacron10 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 14:56:56 CET 2008

Hi all,
I'm a gsoc student applicant and I would like to work for the GREAT VLC

I would like to expose what I think could be very usefull to spread even
more the use of VLC and make it more addicting: build a multimedia catalog
showing in an efficient manner all the media files in the local computer,
attached devices, remote resources (network devices, shared files by
computers in the local network).
MTP Device Service Discovery project also needs a way to show the results so
it could be profitable expand the MTP Device Service Discovery project in
something like this:

1. MTP Device Service Discovery: all about discovery devices and fullfill
the data structures about the available devices

2. Resources Manager: manage in an efficient way all the media files founded
in both discovered devices, local hard drives, remote resources. This point
should include tests on      the best way to record and fetch date
(unstructured files, structured files, database)

3. Build interface: that's "just" about building the interface showing the
media files. I think this is a VERY important point and need mostly a lot of
collaboration for collect feedbacks.

I want to point up that I use VLC to play almost all my media files and I
can not hide my frustration when I need to find a media file. We can make
VLC a great media hub if we want and not only the best player.I am here to
study in deep the previous points because I choose to dedicate this gsoc to
projects about multimedia players and I really hope all of you finding
interesting  those points.

Kind Regards
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