[vlc-devel] freetype librairie segfault on 64 bits architecture

Gilles Sabourin gilles.sabourin at free.fr
Sun Mar 23 21:00:31 CET 2008

Le Monday 04 February 2008 21:23:50 Jean-Paul Saman, vous avez écrit :
> We have heard about problems with freetype and fibidi on 64bits before.
> Gtz
> Jean-Paul Saman.

Finally! I have squashed this old bug! I have upgraded from fribidi 0.10.4 on 
openSUSE 10.2/10.3 to fribidi 0.10.9 from an unofficial repository from 

Now, I can see briefly the channel title written at the base of the video, as 
it should behave.

Avoid fribidi 0.10.4 on 64 bits architectures !! Consider upgrading to 
latest !

I read about gettext version controversy.

I think that maintaining a website page about libraries / development tools 
version requirements should be a way to avoid wasting time and unnecessary 
effort to guess what, why  and How !

Best regards,
Gilles Sabourin
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