[vlc-devel] status of "Clock synchro redesign"

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Thu Mar 27 10:21:34 CET 2008


I implemented a media server with liveMedia streaming audio and video.  As a
client, mplayer works ok. But VLC 0.8.6e and vlc-0.9.0-20080325 from GIT
will stop after about 7 hours. VLC outputs:


main warning: output date isn't PTS date, requesting resampling (40152)

main warning: buffer is 40857 late, triggering upsampling

main warning: resampling stopped after 3584257 usec (drift: -38)

main warning: late picture skipped (382)


 I searched the forum for help. Obviously many people has met the same
problem. I found the link https://trac.videolan.org/vlc/ticket/5. It seems
the problem is reported long ago. Perfect solution seems not available now.
I only expect VLC play continuously. So I wonder if I could do some hack
into VLC. I'm not familiar with VLC code . Could anyone give me some advice?

                                               Best Regards

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