[vlc-devel] [patches][ActiveX] FF plugin compatibility

thannoy at actech-innovation.com thannoy at actech-innovation.com
Thu Mar 27 16:43:49 CET 2008

Three patches for ActiveX:
1- fix a binding with teletext in axvlc.idl (interfaces description file)

2- add the ability to show or hide "future" ActiveX toolbar
       (to match Firefox behaviour, even if toolbar is not yet implemented)
          and the ability to know if toolbar is shown, through API
       (patch for this purpose will soon be available on firefox plugin)

3- In ActiveX project, some files are generated, but also pushed
       on the repository (see ActiveX README.TXT). Update them.

NB 1:
Usage for patch 2 is on its commit comment :
- ActiveX global property named "toolbar":
  For HTML : <param name="toolbar" value="True" />

  - API on IVLCControl2 interface, property "toolbar" (RW):
     For Javascript : yourvlcobject.toolbar = false;
                     isToolBarShown = yourvlcobject.toolbar;

NB 2:
The second patch enforce "myvlcobject.toolbar" to return FALSE since no
toolbar is implemented, so those following scenarii (javascript) are "correct" :
  -  myvlcobject.toolbar = true;
     isShown = myvlcobject.toolbar; // return false

  -  [ activex loaded with <param name="toolbar" value="True" /> ]
     isShown = myvlcobject.toolbar; // return false

If we return return TRUE while no toolbar is implemented, some webpages will
maybe consider not to show their own JS control-bar leading to a plugin without
any control.

Anthony Loiseau ("thannoy")

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