[vlc-devel] VLC MacOSX UI design flaw?

Kalman Reti kalman.reti at gmail.com
Thu May 8 13:15:14 CEST 2008

I spent the last hour trying, unsuccessfully, to look on the web sites and wiki
to see if this is a known issue.  I apologize if this is the wrong place to send
this report, if you let me know the correct email address, I'll send it there

The GUI on MacOSX doesn't allow you to simultaneously save an audio
stream to a file and also stream it out on a port, whereas the Linux and
Windows versions both do.  Without looking at the code, it appears that
this is because the selection is implemented as a radio button (one of n choice)
instead of a checkbox (any number can be selected).  I rave to my friends
about this great feature all the time, but several who are Mac users have
come back to me pointing this out.

I'm guessing this is just a GUI oversight and that the underlying software
can support this on MacOSX.

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