[vlc-devel] compiling live555 in VLC

Son Tran son.minh.tran at gmail.com
Mon May 12 00:30:34 CEST 2008

Dear all,
Recently, I just downloaded the source VLC 0.9.0-git. After running
bootstrap and compiling with the following options in (cygwin enviroment):


PATH=/usr/win32/bin:$PATH \

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/win32/lib/pkgconfig \

CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/win32/include -I/usr/win32/include/ebml" \

LDFLAGS=-L/usr/win32/lib \

CC="gcc -mno-cygwin" CXX="g++ -mno-cygwin" \

./configure \

--host=i686-pc-mingw32 \

--disable-gtk \

--enable-nls --enable-sdl --with-sdl-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--enable-ffmpeg --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac \

--with-ffmpeg-zlib --enable-faad --enable-flac --enable-theora \

--with-wx-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--with-freetype-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--with-fribidi-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--enable-live555 --with-live555-tree=/usr/win32/live \

--enable-caca --with-caca-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--with-xml2-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--with-dvdnav-config-path=/usr/win32/bin \

--disable-cddax --disable-vcdx --enable-goom \

--enable-twolame --enable-dvdread \

--enable-debug --enable-realrtsp --enable-dca \

--disable-a52 --disable-qt4 --enable-wxwidgets
--with-libmpeg2-tree=/usr/win32/lib --disable-mkv --disable-taglib


I do have a working version of VLC. My problem is that the vlc doesn,t have
the RTSP module. I have the following message when trying to connect to an
RTSP server:


main debug: `rtsp://' gives access `rtsp' demux `' path

main debug: creating demux: access='rtsp' demux='' path=''

main debug: thread 2832 (input) created at priority 1 (input/input.c:377)

main debug: looking for access_demux module: 0 candidates

main warning: no access_demux module matched "rtsp"

main debug: TIMER module_Need() : 1,917 ms - Total 1,917 ms / 1 intvls (Avg
1,917 ms)

main debug: creating access 'rtsp' path=''

main debug: looking for access module: 2 candidates

main debug: net: connecting to port 5554

main debug: connection: Resource temporarily unavailable

main debug: connection succeeded (socket = 8900)

access_realrtsp debug: rtsp connected

access_realrtsp warning: only real/helix rtsp servers supported for now


It seems to me that the live555 module is not  available in my VLC. As you
can see from the option, I already have --enable-live555. The path in
--with-live555-tree is valid. The libs of live do exist there. would you
please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you


Can you help me to
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