[vlc-devel] Avoiding some crashes on maemo platforms

Antoine Lejeune phytos at via.ecp.fr
Thu May 15 01:04:39 CEST 2008


I'm the GSoC student who will make a new interface for vlc.

Le jeudi 15 mai 2008 à 12:14:45, lokidor a écrit :
> Maemo’s Xv had a problem with X errors resulting sometimes in the crash 
> of applications using it.
> The tip is to simply ignore X errors, this is explained here (thank's 
> morpheuz) : 
> http://labs.morpheuz.eng.br/blog/14/08/2007/xv-and-mplayer-on-maemo/

All these things seems pretty old. Does the bug still exists in the
OS2008 version of Maemo?

If yes, the patch seems ok to me.

Antoine Lejeune - phytos

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