[vlc-devel] Bad demuxer chosen and "/demux://URL" option with "libvlc_playlist_add" function is KO

ac2s.club ac2s.club at wanadoo.fr
Tue May 13 11:28:40 CEST 2008


I wrote an ffmpeg demuxer used to read specific video files containing raw MPEG4.

1) I linked it with VLC (I am building a video player using libvlc (0.8.6c) under Windows XP), and it works fine except sometimes when a bad demuxer is chosen (my probe function seems not to be called).
It seems to happen more frequently with large files (too long time to open ?), but it is not really reproducible.

2) So I try to force the choice of my demuxer using the "/my_demux://URL" as parameter for the "libvlc_playlist_add" function.
It does not work : in the vlc-log file, I can see a message saying that the "my_demux" demuxer can not be found.
That is what I do not understand : this same "my_demux" is properly loaded and chosen with the classical "probe" process (except sometimes, see above). So what !? :-((

Any idea (for the first and/or second problem) ?

Thanks in advance,
Chris. B.

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