[vlc-devel] "fatal error locking mutex" trying to run libvlc example

basos g noxelia at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 18:10:00 CET 2008

 im working on c++ ( more specific wxwidgets) binding with c++.  Im
not getting this problem.
Alsos it says

>> LibVLC fatal error locking mutex in thread 2685341600 at misc/objects.c:194: 22
>>  Error message: Invalid argument

so vlc didn't like some argument.. Please provide the code you are
trying to execute.
Also in this (http://wiki.videolan.org/WxVLCBackend) page you can find
(with a kindof tricky way) another vlc and wxwidgets sample code. You
will need wxWidgets 2.8.8 libraries to succesfully compile. It is not
perfect and i'm trying to debug some issues but it initializes OK..


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