[vlc-devel] Status of GUI support for RTSP seeking/fast-forward/reverse-play?

Glen Gray slaine at slaine.org
Tue Nov 11 07:05:30 CET 2008

Hey Ross,

On 11 Nov 2008, at 01:16, Ross Finlayson wrote:

> It's been a few months since I last asked about this....
> How close are we to getting support for RTSP
> seeking/fast-forward/reverse-play in the VLC GUI?  The LIVE555 RTSP
> client library has had the hooks for this for a long time now.  I
> recall that DJ Hartman was working on this at one point.  Is anyone
> still looking at supporting this in a future release?

My code has been submitted to the vlc code path for a good while now.  
Fenrir submitted it sometime back. I've been maintaining those patches  
since Nov 2005 (not yet against 0.9.x though). Unfortunately it seems  
to be a feature that doesn't get much of a look in nor many requests,  
so getting the code activated (and possibly updated) never seems to  
happen. DJ Hartman was still on hiatus at the time and has had his  
hands full since. Perhaps it'll get some more attention shortly as I  
know jpsaman and myself will be having a chat about it soon.

Kind Regards
Glen Gray
slaine at slaine.org

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