[vlc-devel] question about media buffer sizes and their manipulation using libvlc

Vinod Kumar Malamal Vadakital vinod.malamalvadakital at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 17:19:26 CET 2008

Hello all,
     I am a newbie in vlc. However, I have successfully used libvlc api's
from a c program written by me to stream an rtsp file from a Darwin
streaming server and play it out. I now need my program to access the media
buffer (buffer that contains the rtp packets of the streamed audio and
video) to find the length of these buffers and dynamically change the buffer
sizes if needed. Could anybody tell me if this is possible using libvlc
api's. If such api's are not available then I would like to write those
api's. For this I need to find these buffers. Could anyone tell me what
these buffers are called in the vlc code. I am using version 0.9.6.

Best Regards
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