[vlc-devel] "--prefix" and plugin path

Sébastien Escudier sebastien-devel at celeos.eu
Fri Nov 14 15:20:52 CET 2008

Quoting Rémi Denis-Courmont <rem at videolan.org>:
> It is anyway not really possible to build a prefix-independent VLC on Linux.

I thought --disable-rpath and then LD_LIBRARY_PATH and --plugin-path could do
the job. And it works well as long as I don't use --prefix.

Quoting Christophe Mutricy <xtophe at chewa.net>:
> You should use prefix= to where you want to deploy vlc on the prod computers.
> And use DESDIR=/tmp/foo make install on the build computer

why not, but I would like to be more flexible and use only --plugin-path and
LD_LIBRARY_PATH on the prod computers

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