[vlc-devel] commit: Fix a cursor selection bug in the Messages logs (see #2163) ( Ludovic Fauvet )

Ludovic Fauvet etix at l0cal.com
Tue Nov 18 20:44:50 CET 2008

xxcv wrote:
> Some more problems have been introduced since this patch.
> There seems to be a huge performance issue after this patch after 
> selection of text,
> when the log becomes huge where it is now doing lots of work by 
> movePosition.
> Sometimes it takes more then 2-3-5 seconds for UI to become responsive again
> on debugging build already running a bit slow.

Not tested, but I just found QTextCursor::setPosition which can maybe 
replace some of the movePosition call.

Ludovic Fauvet (etix)
Jabber : etix at im.l0cal.com

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