[vlc-devel] Wrong RTSP mime type

Roman Pen r.peniaev at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 16:52:29 CET 2008

* sorry, one more time! first msg was on wrong thread *

If I start streaming video from mp4v file with runtime
transcoding to mp2v, client receives RTSP DESCRIBE response
with MP4V-ES/90000 mime type. So, vlc client shows nothing.

vod setup:
 >  new test vod enabled
 >  setup test input /home/roman/Desktop/encoded.m4v
 >  setup cool output #transcode{vcodec=mp2v,fps=24}

Actually, RTSP DESCRIBE response must contain MPV/90000 mime
type, not MP4V-ES/90000. According to code, firstly we create
new media with psz_rtpmap == MP4V-ES/90000 (rtsp.c:632), send
RTSP DESCRIBE response with this rtpmap and only then start
transcoding to mp2v. It was difficult for me (I'am 2 weeks vlc user)
to find out easy way to change rtpmap according to correct output.
(just have hardcoded correct mpeg1-2 rtpmap, and evrth works fine)

Maybe you, experienced guys, know the correct solution?

Roman Pen

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