[vlc-devel] No clue ?

Edouard Gomez ed.gomez at free.fr
Thu Nov 27 00:59:02 CET 2008

I'd like to help fix this, but i need some direction on how you'd like it 
to be fixed please.

Some ideas just to propose some leads:
 - always pass 16x16, vlc supports mainly MPEG based encoders so that 
default seems sensible.
 - probe all modules in final chain order so that each module can set 
correct values for the next probed module
 - (solution to my only case) lazy codec init so that i bail out when 
real samples passed to the encoding callback are not 16x16

I would not like ending implementing 3. It's not very constructive, it's 
more a workaround for, imho, a buggy transcode chain setup.

Any advise on the desired fix is welcome.

Edouard Gomez

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