[vlc-devel] Forward of moderated message

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Wed Oct 29 00:46:00 CET 2008


> please find in attachement a patch generated with 'git format-patch'. It has been slightly modified for removing all po/*.po files apart from 'po/fr.po'.
> Main content is mainly for updating 'po/fr.po' file and some small stuff are corrected in parallel.

Translations are the exception which confirms the rule i.e. it's better
to send the whole po because the diff on po tends to be huge and badly
applicable if the pot file changes in the meantime.

Also the mailing list is limited at 60 kB so if your file/patch is
bigger you should put it online and send the URL.

> Changed names of the internal variable to be consistent with equalizer

The names of the option of this module are very bad and the one who
commited it should buy us beer next tume we see each other.
Hovewer, we should keep compatibilty with the old option name by using
add_deprecated(). Please provide a separate patch for that.

> Recreated with make update-po on toplevel
The automatic rules is no longer optimal so it's more a matter or
running the top make update-po and checking the diff or adding the
missing files by hand.

> Recreated

> Regenerated
That's generally left to me to update the pot and we avoid doing it too
often. Especially when strings are not frozzen. But I welcome ping when
you think it's needed.

> Huge update
Is it on master or 0.9-bugfix

Currently all the l10n work is on 0.9-bugfix because that's the only
places where the strings are stable. Also i haven't yet forwardported
the l10n from 0.9-bugfix to master

> Not so sure of this change
I don't see the point and if even you don't know why we need it ...

> Recreated
Seems to be absent from the patch

> A small warning on the "make update-po" process:
> For modules/gui/qt4/ui/sprefs_interface.ui:155 the msgid sentence is wrongly cut and changed: '<' is replaced by '<' and the URL is probabely wrong in the .ui file : '\' is missing before the '"' in the URL...
> I changed it manually in the .po file but something should be done to correct this problem ('<' problem is the same as the '&amp' problem).

Yeah i'm aware of the problem but there is no easy solution.
See #2140

In the 0.9-bugfix branch there is a kludge for the & but not for the
url in sprefs_interface.ui



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