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Ilkka Ollakka ilkka.ollakka+vlc at oamk.fi
Wed Oct 29 09:17:39 CET 2008

On ti 28. lokakuuta 2008 09:40:30, Antti Rintala wrote:
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> From: Antti Rintala <antti.rintala at gmail.com>
> Date: Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 9:30 AM
> Subject: MP4A-LATM transcoding
> To: streaming at videolan.org
> Hello streaming list!
> I have a problem at my hands, that is really killing me. When
> transcoding from any stream source and using dss as delivery platform.
> When the trancoded stream reaches my mobile phone (Nokia E90) or any
> other phone we have tested, the sound stutters like hell. It's
> reasonably fine with speech (low dynamic) but total CRAP with music
> (high dynamic). So here are the facts:
> Version:
> VLC media player 0.9.3 Grishenko
> vlc -I dummy http://any.radio.stream.url:8000 --sout
> '#transcode{aenc=ffmpeg,acodec=mp4a,ab=64,samplerate=22050,channels=2,threads=1}:rtp{dst=my.destination.url,sdp=file:///tmp/foobar.sdp,name=Radio,mp4a-latm}'


We solved this issue over IRC with Antti, problem is in faac encoder on
ffmpeg, and vlc defaulting to main-profile in encoding. Git master
should default to low-complexity now, and for quickfix others can add 
aenc=ffmpeg{aac-profile="low"} for mp4a/aac encoding chain.

commit 397a4949116cf332dca73f904740c2768efff015 should fix this one

Ilkka Ollakka
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