[vlc-devel] Performance on macosx

Georg Seifert georg.seifert at gmx.de
Thu Sep 4 15:23:19 CEST 2008

Hello again.

I still have problems with vlc 0.9.x to play my files. It always takes  
several seconds to show the correct image (on start and on seek). All  
this was not a problem with 0.8.6.

I have plenty of free CPU (20-30%) and have deleted the prefs.

I played a bit with some settings:
- I got a bit better response time if I use the OpenGL Output module
- With the ffmpeg demuxer I get nearly instant update of the image,  
but no sound.

running Powerbook 1.67 GHz Leopard.

I tried to file a bug at the trac but couldn’t find out how to get my  
account (GeorgS) validated.



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