[vlc-devel] zvbi "default region" setting

Derk-Jan Hartman hartman at videolan.org
Thu Sep 11 12:29:02 CEST 2008

On 11 sep 2008, at 09:24, Marian Ďurkovič wrote:
>> I dont get it. This should be signaled by any number of TTXT packets.
>> X/28/0 format1
>> X/28/1
>> X/28/4
>> M/29/0
>> M/29/1
>> M/29/4
>> If none of these set the appropriate value, then the encoder doesn't
>> even support proper Level1 teletext. I'd rather believe that either
>> zvbi implementation is incomplete, or that the encoder sets an
>> incorrect value...
> Michael says there are no 28/29 packets in the sample. Although this  
> is for sure
> at least level 1.5 since it has FLOF and combined characters with  
> diacritical marks.
> Thus we surely need to set the default region in VLC.

I'm still reluctant to add an option that no one will be able to find.  
Stuff like this should just work. If it doesn't, it's time the network  
starts waking up.

> We might eventually consider to set it automatically according to  
> the info
> in the TS - it seems to properly declare Teletext language:
> [00000331] ts demux debug:   * es pid=1842 type=6 dr->i_tag=0x56
> [00000331] ts demux debug:     * EBU Teletext descriptor
> [00000331] ts demux debug:     * ttxt lan=slo page=100
> [00000331] ts demux debug:   * es pid=1842 type=6 fcc=telx

Hmm, this might be something we could do in the zvbi codec module....
read out fmt_in.language, and try to map it to a default region.

I'll try to look at that.


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