[vlc-devel] 0.9.2 SAP

Johann Hanne jhml at gmx.net
Wed Sep 24 09:09:46 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 23 September 2008 17:17:30 Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Yes indeed this problem should be addressed. File a bug with the
> so-called "professional" encoders. Being open-source does not mean working
> around proprietary bugs.
Ok, so let me summarize what vlc now is about:
- Applying noise, water and other useless effects to video
- Breaking compatibility with other software as much as possible

Maybe you want to think about your anti-proprietary campaign again. IMHO vlc's 
popularity is a consequence of being able to play virtually everything you 
throw to it. If you push it into the opposite direction now, you'll just 
prevent people from using vlc in the future. People just don't care about 
100% RFC compliance. Moreover, vlc had a crappy SAP parser for a couple of 
years, and people worked around it. Now you claim yours is perfect (it's 
surely not) and refuse to help other people. Shame on you!

BTW, vlc 0.9.2 also broke compatibility with dvbyell (open source), because I 
did not send this braindead "t=0 0" line. So the problem is not only 
proprietary related.


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