[vlc-devel] rtsp module : vlc freeze

jboileau jboileau at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 14:55:16 CEST 2008

Hi Sébastien,

Is this something you could share somehow? I would glady try it out. I
do recompile VLC for the needs of my project, so if this is in a
source file that gets recompiled its fine for me.

Jacques Boileau

On Fri, Sep 26, 2008 at 8:10 AM, Sébastien Escudier
<sebastien-devel at celeos.eu> wrote:
>> Since 'someday' can be a very long time, would it be possible in the
>> interim to at least have these timeouts configurable somehow?
> I did a quick hack in live555 library code, using a select instead of the
> connect.
> I think this is the only way to have a configurable timeout.
> But it require more work to implement it in a clean and portable way.
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