[vlc-devel] Suspending Windows support.

xxcv xxcv07 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 27 02:25:52 CEST 2008

Derk-Jan Hartman wrote:
> After discussing with j-b last night, I am considering attaching the  
> following to our release announcement.
> ==Suspended support for the Windows platform==
> We also have another announcement, and this one is less joy-full. Due  
> to a continued lack of Windows developers in our team, this will  
> likely be the last release of VLC media player on the Windows platform  
> until a new developer for VLC media player Windows has been found. The  
> already small team of Linux and Mac developers lack the required time  
> and skills to give appropriate attention to the Windows port of VLC  
> media player.  This situation is undesirable for our Windows userbase  
> (which are stuck with a sub-par product) as well as for the Linux and  
> Mac OS X users who continuously have to wait on us to fix the Windows  
> port again. We have decided that continuing Windows support in it's  
> current form is undesirable and that we are suspending further Windows  
> releases until we can improve on this. We are therefore putting out a  
> call for NEW Windows developers, so we can hopefully resume supporting  
> our, by far, largest group of users as soon as possible.
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Hello All.
Here are some requirements for the VLC win32 port developer,

1. Must have guts
2. Have 2 or more brains
3. Must have time to keep up with master branch
4. Must have knowledge in VLC API and vlccore and module plugins
5. Confident in C / C++ coding & debugging skills
6. IS capable of fixing specific bugs associated with win32 port and 
know how the
module/video_output/msw works

G.L. with your search for a brave person.

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