[vlc-devel] Adding all streams at start when transcoding

ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com ogg.k.ogg.k at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 4 22:40:44 CEST 2009

>  Yes, it is what the code is supposed to do.
>  It is controlled by DecoderProcessSout in src/input/decoder.c
>  The stream output is created only upon reception of the first data
> from the packetizer. It's the only way (at the moment) to know when the
> ES format is valid/complete.

When playing that particular test file, however, I get the subtitles entries
in the video/subtitles menu, so somehow VLC knows of them before it
reaches the first packets in those streams. It must do something extra
on playback that it does not do on transcode.

>  It should not be too difficult to modify this behaviour to create the
> output as soon as we know we have a complete format. I will try to look at
> it but cannot say when.

Thank you.
However, in the test case in question (Starship Troopers, one of VLC's test
streams from streams.videolan.org), the first packet happens after tens of
seconds into the stream, so that might require a lot of buffering ?

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