[vlc-devel] Regression in v4l2 support in vlc 1.0.0

Götz Waschk goetz.waschk at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 23:27:29 CEST 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm the Mandriva maintainer of vlc. I'd like to report a problem a
user has with v4l2 support in vlc 1.0.0 and 1.0.1.  He has already
reported it to the forum, but I guess the devs don't read it too

The error message with the SAA7134  card is:
[0x8efde30] v4l2 demux error: cannot get video input characteristics
(Invalid argument)

The forum post at http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=62878#p211350
contains a patch, that reverts a width and height setting change in
1.0.0 and fixes the problem for the user.

Regards, Götz

AL I:40: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

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