[vlc-devel] VDPAU decoder

Etienne Membrives etienne at membrives.fr
Fri Aug 14 09:02:41 CEST 2009


As a university project, we implemented a VDPAU decoder for VLC, working
for H.264 videos. The enclosed patch provides the decoder and the
modifications to the build system to compile it.

This decoder is based on avcodec; like current VAAPI support by Laurent
Aimar in the VLC source tree, this VDPAU decoder uses API calls to
decode pictures and retrieve them from the graphic card. The output is
I420 pictures. Thus, this is fully compatible with OSD or any filter.
However, it doesn't make use of the VDPAU presentation API to speed up

It should be noted that this patch is experimental. Some values
(explained in the code) are hardcoded, even if they shouldn't in our
opinion. Additionally, in order to integrate VDPAU support in VLC, it
may be useful to merge this decoder into the regular avcodec decoder, to
simplify maintenance.

One example of a working video is the "nature" clip from MPlayer samples

Kevin Keraudren, Etienne Membrives, Tilo Van Ekeris

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