[vlc-devel] snapshot / video directories with vlc (follow-up)

brezhoneg1 brezhoneg1 at yahoo.fr
Wed Aug 19 23:13:14 CEST 2009

As a follow-up to previous emails regarding default snapshot and video
directories, here are some more thoughts (and patches available if
deemed of interest)

- Using "well-known" directories vs. using vlc own subdirectories :
    Both approaches are legitimate. Some may prefer saving
snapshots/videos within the vlc environment in subdirectories where it
can be easily uninstalled as part of a vlc uninstall procedure.

    Others may prefer vlc reusing 'well-known' directories where new
materials can be easily reached.

    Maybe, a global parameter should allow the user to select one of
this two behaviours, sthg like a --[no]-export-directories  or another

- Well-kwown directories

    On LINUX:
        XDG specifications do provide PICTURES and VIDEOS keywords
        and a xdg-user-dir-lookup.c file as a helper to look up 
        these keywords. Actually, works fine and very easy to implement.

    On WIN32:
        MS provides CSIDL_MYPICTURES and CSIDL_MYVIDEO attributes to
        look up the right directories.

    on Apple:
         ~/Movies/VLC and ~/Pictures/VLC were proposed (to be refined ?)

- vlc subdirectories
    In this case, I guess using config_GetUserDir() is the right place
for them. On Linux, for instance, that would give
~/.local/share/vlc/snapshot or ~./local/share/vlc/video

    These directories could be displayed via service discoveries (see
previous post). Enabling deleting/renaming/export via drag&drop files
from the GUI is also possible and would make vlc a real explorer/browser
for the files it produces.


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