[vlc-devel] playlist: flat / tree separation

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 16:19:59 CEST 2009

On Aug 21, 2009, at 2:43 PM, Jakob Leben wrote:

> In my opinion we could simply implement a "flatten down" function  
> and wherever a flat representation of a tree of items is needed, it  
> could be flattened in one step. And I certainly don't see a big  
> profit in having a flat and a tree representation at the same time,  
> as synchronizing them is quite a problem and even impossible in some  
> cases (moving and adding items in flat structure doesn't have a  
> uniquely matching and equivalent action in tree structure -  
> regarding the item position). I also think that from an end-user's  
> point of view, they either want a flat or a tree representation of a  
> group of items and they can be offered the "flatten" operation  
> through GUI as well.

For the media_list there is an other object called media_list_view.  
You can have a flat view, or a hierarchical view. Sorted view are not  
implemented though. This is conceptually and practically nice. And it  
helps to correctly layers the different objects.

I think you should offer the same kind of abilities, that is having  
multiple objects to represent the "viewed" playlist.


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