[vlc-devel] commit: Moved aout_input_t to aout_internal.h. (Laurent Aimar )

xxcv xxcv07 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 07:50:16 CEST 2009

Hi Laurent,
> Moved aout_input_t to aout_internal.h.
Here I got no sound.
So the directx aout module must have been out of date.
aout_directx debug: device supports 2 channels (DEFAULT!)

qt4 debug: New Event: type 1112

aout_directx debug: device supports 1 channel

aout_directx debug: Windows says your SpeakerConfig is 5.1

aout_directx debug: creating DirectSoundThread

main debug: thread started

aout_directx debug: DirectSoundThread ready

main debug: thread (DirectSound Notification Thread) created at priority 
15 (directx.c:427)

main debug: using audio output module "aout_directx"

main debug: TIMER module_need() : 70.000 ms - Total 70.000 ms / 1 intvls 
(Avg 70.000 ms)

main debug: output 'mpga' 44100 Hz Stereo frame=1152 samples/1815490931 

main debug: mixer 'fl32' 44100 Hz Stereo frame=1 samples/8 bytes

qt4 debug: New Event: type 1103

main debug: filter(s) 'fl32'->'mpga' 44100 Hz->44100 Hz Stereo->Stereo

main debug: looking for audio filter module: 24 candidates

main debug: TIMER module_need() : 1.000 ms - Total 1.000 ms / 1 intvls 
(Avg 1.000 ms)

main error: couldn't find a filter for the conversion

main error: couldn't create audio output pipeline

aout_directx debug: closing audio device

aout_directx debug: DirectSoundThread exiting

main debug: thread ended

main debug: thread times: real 0m0.002000s, kernel 0m0.000000s, user 

main debug: removing module "aout_directx"



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