[vlc-devel] Proposal for VLC file icons [attached zip]

haddy tacwac at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 25 22:23:28 CEST 2009


On the VLC forums I made a suggestion for VLC to get some file icons and then actually went about creating various icon ideas for the VLC media player. We all know that currently VLC doesn't have any file icons of it's own and I think at this stage this unfortunate and over-due. VLC is one of the top media player's out there mentioned (especially Windows users)and the other media players out there already have the inclusion file icons (a.k.a mim-type icons) for file organizing convenience.

I have tried best to make some sufficient icons which are distinguishable and stylish. As requested from the forum's admin I made 5 icons for: Audio;Video;Playlist;Subtitle;Generic

preview them here

Download them (Png and Ico)

(My icons are initially geared towards Windows use and possibly Linux also. You can read the forum topic which would explain the inclusion of the subtitle and generic icons and everythung else.)

please consider adding for the core VLC, thanks


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