[vlc-devel] Trying to get VLC to run my plug-in

Robin Lindberg robinlindbergmtb at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 27 14:15:08 CEST 2009


I'm trying to learn about how VLC uses it's plug-ins, and in the longrun build one myself. I have an example from QT (http://pepper.troll.no/s60prereleases/doc/mainwindows-menus.html) wich shows how to make a basic mainwindow. What i want to do is to get VLC to open up this window when it starts.

My real goal is to get some cind of aknowledgement from VLC that it infact has loaded my plug-in (not necessary the mainwindow example, I chose this since it is easy to see if it works or not) and executed the code in it.

I have done the following:

- copied the mainwindow.cpp and mainwindow.h from the examplepage
- made a folder for them, VLC\modules\testing
- in that folder i created a Modules.am file with the code: SOURCES_link_republic = link_republic.cpp link_republic.h
- I added a line in configure.ac: modules/testing/Makefile

I would much appretiate any pointers in the right direction or even better a full explanation of how to succeed.

What does VLC need to know in order to find a module and run it?
Wich fundtions need to be run?
Do I need to register my module with a function anywhere?

Thank you!


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