[vlc-devel] Get work the both of SDP file and udp streaming

youssef azzouzi sidimoulay2000 at hotmail.fr
Tue Dec 1 16:49:59 CET 2009


I want to get a flux stream made by gstremer, I can get the video part with sdp file, and audio part with vlc directly by listening on port=1235 udp, I want to get both of them ( audio and video ) in the same vlc, I tried to add the audio part to sdp file but I still get no audio (only the video).
I see that there is an option on vlc that I can read two things at the same time: VLC -> "Ctrl+N" -> show more options: There is suppliment media and MRL, when I try to make the both of them work, the buffer gets to 100% but I get no audio and no video :(

I need your help plz
Wainting for any advice! 
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