[vlc-devel] [PATCH] Fix DirectSound spdif audio output

Jeff Lu jll544 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 3 23:57:20 CET 2009

>Reports say that on Windows 7, VLC SPDIF doesn't work, even with
>Waveout output module.

Hmm... I am unable to reproduce it.  I just tried VLC 1.0.3 on Windows 7 64-bit, and I experienced no problems at all.  Both Waveout and a patched DirectSound module were able to pass SPDIF through either my Audigy 2ZS (Creative Labs driver) or my motherboard HDA (stock Microsoft driver).  

I did need to select specifically the respective SPDIF device (vs the separate PCM device for the same sound card) in Windows' Sound control panel, but the same was true for Vista.  I suppose someone coming directly from XP might not know that the PCM and SPDIF devices are enumerated separately in Vista/7.  But other than that, I can only guess some driver or configuration issue for those having problems.  



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