[vlc-devel] Problem with RGB24 Directshow display

Developer developer at noknok.net
Sun Dec 6 17:21:34 CET 2009

Jean-Baptiste Kempf wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 06, 2009 at 10:49:55AM -0500, Developer wrote :
>> Ok, willl give it a shot.  Any online helper pages for compiling VLC on  
>> WINDOWS and its prerequisites?
> http://wiki.videolan.org/Win32CompileMSYSNew
> I can provide a VM if you prefer
>> Does or would anyone have any issue with adding a new supported  
>> :dshow-xxx command/flag option to force the bit order of RGB vs BGR?
> No, but couldn't that be auto-detected in some way?
> Best Regards,

A VM would rock !!  would save me the grief BIG time.

As for auto detection, will need to look at whats int he code now vs 
enabling auto detect.  It seems it is correct that code currently just 
MASK all RGB to BGR.

I guess my first question is their a special reason why this is the 
case?  Is/was their some special need to support BGR over RGB?  I would 
have thought default should have been RGB.  But may have something to do 
with BIG/LITTLE ....

Because we're not dealing with anything but a raw stream here and 
directshow media types (all defined by GUID's I will add), the driving 
force should be some sort of uniform tie back to dshow GUIDs.  Most of 
what I have seen in others (ffmpeg, etc) has been a manual selection to 
discern the two.  Not sure yet what i can drive off of for auto 
detecting the difference.

I will make the comment though Microsoft is little endian, being RGB, 
and dshow being microsoft most filters will supply true RGB.  But also 
understand the roots of VLC not being MS based.....

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