[vlc-devel] gui/minimal_macosx memory issue

Dilaroga dev dilaroga at gmail.com
Mon Dec 7 16:33:38 CET 2009

Hi, I'm using the native umbrella under Mac OS X called VLCKit and i've
discovered an issue that causes the crash of the application that is using
it. The problem occurs when i want to release some media players and video
views objects that i've previously allocated in memory. Releasing the
VLCMediaPlayer objects causes the crash of the application because of a
message that is sent to an already released object (EXC_BAD_ACCESS). My
sequences to clean up VLCKit's objects are : 1) call to -(void) stop: to
each media player 2) removing from super view and releasing the video views
3) releasing the media players. The crash happens in the third step but the
strange behaviour is that the code not always crashes (but very often).
Another strange behaviour is that it's not the first player that i'm trying
to release that causes the crash but it could be the second one or another
player. So have i missed something ? Is there a specific order to clean up
the memory of the allocated VLCKit objects to not have an over-releasing
issue ? In attachment, there's a diff file that shows the changes i've done
on the VLCOpenGLVoutView.m from gui/minimal_macosx in order to not have this
issue, but i'm newbie with VLC core and don't think that 2 commented lines
does the trick... :)

Thanks by advance,
Sébastien Zwickert.
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