[vlc-devel] CLI Bindings : AccessViolationException on player

Damien maitredede at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 10:17:44 CET 2009

2009/12/8 Damien <maitredede at gmail.com>

> 2009/12/8 Developer <developer at noknok.net>
>> Damien -
>> What version of VLC are you running with this wrappper?  I have
>> successfully been using the 1.0.0 wrapper up and until the latest public
>> release of VLC (1.0.3) without issue?
>> Also for logging - have you tried enabled logging interface to a file?
>> Dim optsdebug() As String = {"-I", "dummy", "--plugin-path=" &
>> _VLCPluginPath, "-vvv", "--extraintf=logger",
>> "--logfile=c:\ffmpeg\VlcLog.txt"}
>> _VLC = New VideoLan.VideoLanClient(_VLCPath, optsdebug)
>> Shawn
> Hi Shawn,
> I'm using 1.0.3 (latest binary release for windows).
> I will try to  run with a log file...

I have added log parameters : same behavior, and log file is not created.
I have also downloaded the latest release (1.0.3) as zip and uncompressed it
to a folder without any spaces or special chars in path.

I have even made a try with a nightly build (1.1.0-git-20091209-0004 Yellow
Bastard), same message :
[0x643860] main libvlc error: no memcpy module matched "any"
[0xf3b658] main access error: no access module matched "file"
[0xf3e308] main input error: open of
`file/xspf-open:///C:/Users/ddaly/AppData/Roaming/vlc/ml.xspf' failed: no
access module matched "file"
[0xf3e308] main input error: Your input can't be opened
[0xf3e308] main input error: VLC is unable to open the MRL
'file/xspf-open:///C:/Users/ddaly/AppData/Roaming/vlc/ml.xspf'. Check the
log for details.
[0xf3e308] main interface error: no interface module matched "hotkeys,none"
[0xf3e308] main interface error: no suitable interface module
input_item_SetURI() was likely called with a path. FIXME

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